New opportunities
for publishers

The leading digital publishing platform
for mobile phones and tablets

Napoleon Publisher is the leader
in the digital publishing market
of the region

For 8 years we have been working with the largest Russian
publishers and provide only the best of the existing solutions

100+ leading magazines
from National Geographic
to Elle use Publisher platform

5 000 000 +

3 nominations winner
at Digital Magazine
Awards 2016, UK

Why digital format?

Open new opportunities with digital edition
on Napoleon Publisher platform

Attract new

73 million people in the country access
the internet from their mobile phone.
And this number is growing each year,
while the desktop audience is shrinking

Engage your

2/3 of mobile device users opt to get
the information through mobile apps,
which gives you the ability to expand
your audience and increase interest
in your publications

Get advertisers

Print run of magazines is constantly
shrinking and readers prefer digital versions.
Two out of three advertisers prefer
to invest in digital rather than printed

Conduct audience

Analyze your audience and study
the interests of your readers.
The collected data will help you to work
more accurately with already existing
audience and attract new readers.

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Modern format
of digital publishing

- Mobile phones and tablets adaptation

- Compatibility with modern formats of animation,
scrolling, panoramas, video, audio, slideshow.

- Clickable links

- Editions sorting

- Content management from your personal account

Our designers will help you create an interactive
edition for your readers

New monetization

- In-app paid subscription

- Sale of separate single edition

- Advertising banners

- Interactive advertisements

- Full analytics

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User experience

- Users registration and authorization

- Customizable push-notifications

- Promos and coupons. Everybody loves discounts!

- Exclusive editions only for registered users

- Special editions and possibility to purchase
separate single editions

Our technical support will help you deal with
all questions your users might have

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    How to get started?

    Services we provide

    Personal account

    Publication layout


    mockup creation

    Pdf edition upload

    grpahics creation

    What our clients say?

    Success with Napoleon Publisher

    in one click

    We are at your disposal 7 days a week to help you
    grow your business with Napoleon Publisher.

    For periodicals

    $270 per month

    Suitable for magazines, newspapers, catalogues
    and reference books, which are published more than once
    every six months. A digital version of your edition will be
    available for download to all users of the application

    • iOS and Android apps launch and support
    • Mobile phones and tablets support
    • Advertising banners
    • Special editions
    • Unlimited push-notifications
    • Unlimited amount of publications and uploads
    • Google Analytics module
    • Payment and coupons modules
    • Compatibility with InDesign, pdf, ePub formats
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    Specially for non-periodical

    $280 per edition

    Suitable for non-periodical publications and
    periodicals, which publish every six months or less
    frequently. Your books, training materials,
    presentations, annual reports and catalogues will be
    available to your readers

    • Only 1 mobile application launch on iOS or
    • Mobile phones and tablets support
    • 1-year updates and support of your mobile
    • Advertising banners
    • Payment and coupons modules
    • Compatibility with InDesign, pdf, ePub
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    It is rather expensive
    to develop a customised
    mobile application!
    Why don’t you use our
    Napoleon Publisher platform?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long will it take to make the app?

    It takes 1 week to develop and launch the application both on App Store and Google Play.

    What do I need to publish my edition in mobile application?

    When the mobile application development process is finished we provide you with personal account access, where you can add publications in ePub, pdf and InDesign formats.

    What is included in the technical support?

    Technical support includes: hosting on our servers, technical support of a specialist, personal manager who is ready to answer any questions you may have.

    Why switch to a mobile application if we have a website
    with a digital version of the magazine?

    The mobile application allows you to keep in touch with your readers. The analytics module will help you to analyze your target audience, and push-notifications will increase audience involvement.

    What technical capacity do we need?

    None. All data will be stored on our servers.

    Do we need to create developer accounts on the App Store
    and Google Play?

    Definitely yes if you want to make paid content. If you distribute the content for free, you can launch the application on our developer account.

    How will the App Store and Google Play pay us? Where? How often?

    App Store and Google Play transfer money to your developer account. Monthly payments are made if the amount of user purchases exceeds $150 in the App Store and $100 in Google Play. If the amount is less than $150 and $100, the payment will be received in the next period or upon reaching minimum required amount in App Store and Google Play.

    Who handles user requests?

    Our technical support is always here to assist your users and answer their questions.

    What format I can use when uploading my publications?

    Our platform is compatible with pdf, ePub and InDesign formats.

    Is it possible to switch from another platform and keep current users?

    Yes, it is possible if the mobile application is on your developer account.

    Have you already got
    a mobile app?

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