Napoleon Publisher

The leading digital publishing platform
optimizing your content for mobile device access

Napoleon Publisher is the leading
digital publishing platform
in Russia

Since eight years, we have been working together with the largest
Russian publishers to provide the most comprehensive
publishing platform on the market

100+ leading magazines
from National Geographic to Elle
use Napoleon Publisher platform

5 000 000+ readers access
their magazines through
our platform

Napoleon Publisher won
three awards at the Digital
Magazine Awards UK (2016)

Why digital publishing?

Napoleon Publisher creates new opportunities
by optimizing your content for mobile devices

Grow your

73 million people in Russia access the
internet on a daily basis through their mobile
devices. With this number constantly growing,
mobile device optimized content becomes
more vital for your publishings

Engage your

More than 65% of users accessing
information through mobile devices
opt-in for notifications, providing you
with the opportunity to further engage
your audience

Involve your

With readers switching to digital
content, printed magazines lose their
audience. That is why two out of three
advertisers prefer to invest in digital
rather than printed editions

Analyze your

Analyze your audience's behaviour
and offer content which captivates and
engages them as well as gains new,
valuable readers

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Interactive digital
publishing made easy

- Optimized for mobile devices

- Enabling modern formats such as animation,
scrolling, panorama, video, audio and slideshow

- Clickable links

- Edition sorting

- Content management from your personal account

Our designers will help you to create an interactive edition
tailored to your audience's needs.

New monetization

- Digital subscription formats

- Sales of single editions

- Interactive advertising

- Extensive data analytics

Drop us a message to learn more.

User experience

- Users registration and authorization

- Personalized push notifications

- Personalized promotions. Everybody loves discounts

Our technical support will deal with all kinds of questions
your users might have.

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    How to get started?

    The steps to your interactive,
    digital edition

    We create your
    personal account

    We propose
    publication designs
    tailored to your needs

    Promote your
    publishing app

    We provide you
    with an interactive
    publication draft

    graphics creation

    After the final edits,
    we publish your
    interactive PDF
    on Napoleon Publisher

    What our clients say

    Success stories from clients using Napoleon Publisher

    in one click

    We are working on your ideas and challenges seven days
    a week to help you grow your business.
    That is Napoleon Publisher.

    For periodical

    $270 per month

    Suitable for magazines, newspapers, catalogues
    and reference books which are published more than
    once every six months. The digital version of your
    publication will be accessible for your readers through
    the app. Napoleon Publisher offers you:

    • iOS and Android app launch and support
    • Mobile devices support
    • Advertising banners
    • Special editions
    • Unlimited push-notifications
    • Unlimited number of publications
    • Google Analytics module
    • Payment and coupon module
    • Compatibility with InDesign, PDF, ePub formats
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    For non-periodical

    $280 per edition

    Suitable for publications which are published
    less than once every six months. Your books, training
    materials, presentations, annual reports and catalogues
    will be accessible for your readers through
    the app. Napoleon Publisher offers you:

    • Either iOS or Android app launch
    • Mobile devices support
    • 1-year updates and support of your mobile
    • Advertising banners
    • Payment and coupons module
    • Compatibility with InDesign, PDF, ePub
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    With average costs of $30'000,
    it is rather expensive to develop a custom-made mobile application. Why not use our Napoleon Publisher platform instead?

    Frequently asked questions

    How long will it take to develop and launch the app?

    It takes one week on average to design, develop and launch your application to both the App Store and Google Play Store.

    Can I add publications by myself?

    Once the mobile application development process is finished, you will be provided with your personal access. With this access, you can add publications in ePub, PDF, and InDesign formats easily by yourself.

    What is included in the technical support?

    Technical support includes your personal account manager and a team of specialists resolving any issue coming along your way.

    Why should we switch to a mobile application if we have
    a website optimized for mobile devices?

    The mobile application allows you to keep in touch with your readers through personalized push notifications. Further, analytical data from mobile apps enable a more targeted approach to audience engagement.

    What technical knowledge do we need to manage the mobile application?

    None. You are responsible for the content and we are responsible for everything else.

    Do we need to create a developer account for the App Store
    or Google Play Store?

    This depends whether you offer paid content or not. For applications with free content only, we offer the launching through our own developer account. However, for applications containing paid content, a developer account is required.

    How will the App Store and Google Play store pay us?

    The App Store and Google Play Store will transfer the collected amount directly to your developer account. Monthly payments are made if the amount of user purchases exceed $150 in the App Store and 100$ in the Google Play Store. If you do not reach this threshold, the payment will be postponed until the minimum amount is reached.

    Who manages user requests?

    Our technical support is always available to assist your users and answer their questions regarding the functionality of the mobile application.

    What format of the publications does Napoleon Publisher support?

    Napoleon Publisher is compatible with InDesign, PDF, and ePub formats.

    Is it possible to switch to Napoleon Publisher while keeping our current user base?

    Yes, this is possible if the mobile application has been launched through your own developer account.

    Have you already got
    a mobile app?

    If not, let us help you to increase your subscription base

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